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Here at Simply Removals, we are one of the leading removals companies in Maidenhead. If you want a stress-free move, Simply Removals are the removal company in Maidenhead for you and, to prove this, we have thousands of customers returning each year.

We offer top of the range services to all our customers at affordable prices. We work hard to find a cost-effective solution to fit most budgets. We constantly strive to do the best job we can for each of our customers because we believe the best road to success is through hard work.

So, if you live in Maidenhead and need a removals company to help make your move a little easier, we operate throughout the area delivering exceptional service and are happy to offer our services to you!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

At Simply Removals, we know that a hardworking, knowledgeable and professional team is the key to our success as a business. Not one of the jobs we undertake could be achieved without the reliability, dedication and motivation of our 100 team members. We ensure that each of our team members have been fully trained at our own removals training academy in Enfield to help equip them with the knowledge, safety advise and expertise they need to complete each move successfully and safely. Here at Simply Removals, we are always striving to be one of the best removal companies in the UK.

A Recent Case Study

Recently, one of our teams at Simply Removals had the pleasure of moving a young family from their home on the outskirts of Maidenhead to a more central location within the town. They explained, with a new baby on the way and a young child in school, it was essential that they moved closer to the local amenities and were in easy distance of schools and shops to help make life easier.

The move was an easy one. We arrived on a Friday afternoon to help disassemble bulky items of furniture and pack all the boxes into our removals van. Despite being pregnant, the lady had packed all the lights items she could into boxes and had helped us immensely by thoroughly labelling every box with the right room and whether the items inside were breakable.

The furniture disassembly took us the longest but it was all soon loaded into our van and we were on our way. The drive through Maidenhead was a picturesque one. We passed many landmarks along the way, including Boulter’s Lock and Maidenhead Bridge, before arriving at the new property safe and sound.

Unpacking was a breeze, thanks to the thorough labelling on the boxes. We helped the family by reassembling the furniture in the appropriate rooms while the lady began unpacking cutlery and plates in the kitchen. We always enjoy helping with the process of moving families into their new homes as it is rewarding watching their excitement as they unpack their belongings and make their house a home.

By the end of the day, we had completed the move and it was time to head home. Just before we left, we saw the couple’s little girl get off the school bus and beam with happiness as she ran into her new home with excitement. We left her to explore the house and decide on which room would be hers – after all, she gets first say over a baby that’s still a few months away from being born!

The couple thanked us a lot for our service and even gave us some home baking and snacks for the road, which we were extremely grateful for. We wish them every bit of luck in their new home and we hope it serves them well.

Call Today for the UK’s Best Moving Company

If you live in Maidenhead and you need to hire a removals company, look no further than Simply Removals. We have everything you need to make your move successful. We offer removal, packing and storage solutions to suit your requirements and your budget. Our dedicated team are the key to our success and the years of experience we have had moving customers around the country means there is no move too big or too small for us to deal with. So, if you need to book a removals company, give us a call today to discuss your requirements..


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