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30,000 empty homes and nowhere to live: inside Dublin’s housing crisis

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30,000 empty homes and nowhere to live: inside Dublin’s housing crisis

housing news novemberThe room Jenny Quinn shares with her 10-year-old son is about 10 sq metres, kitted out with the most basic furniture and dominated by what looks like a prison-issue metal bunkbed on which they both sleep. There is a small en suite bathroom; behind a heavy wooden shutter, the window looks out on to a bare expanse of concrete.

“He’s in drama therapy in school, for anxiety,” she tells me. “He cries a lot. He doesn’t believe in Santy [Father Christmas] any more. He’s not an angry child, but he’s lonely: he’s so, so lonely. There’s no kids his age here: they’re all babies. The PlayStation’s his best friend, because he can get on that headset and talk to his friends from school. That’s it.”

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Podcast: Council housing strikes back

housing news novemberLast summer, research manager Victoria Pinoncely was co-author of the think tank’s report, “Borough Builders: Delivering more housing across London”. She tells me about the role the capital’s 32 boroughs could play in solving its housing crisis, and the barriers preventing them from doing so. We also talk about the lessons all this holds for the rest of the country, as well as the housing market in her native France.

Also this week, I talk to Andrew Carter, chief executive of the Centre for Cities, for our regular Ask the Expert segment. In a sort of sequel to our conversation in episode 110, I ask something that’s been bothering me for a while. Every other industrial revolution has created jobs and raised incomes – so why is everyone fretting that the automation one be any different?

You can read the full article here.

More than 400,000 first time buyers step onto the housing ladder with Help to Buy

housing news novemberOver 458,000 completions have taken place overall using one or more of the Help to Buy schemes. Some 402,000 of which were first time buyers.

Quarterly Help to Buy statistics released today (Friday 30 November) also show that:

  • First time buyers have now opened 1.2 million Help to Buy: ISAs, offering government bonuses of up to £3,000 on top of their savings
  • The average house price purchased through the schemes is £201,881
  • Over 93% of completions across the Help to Buy schemes have taken place outside of London.

Norwich council offices to be turned into social housing

housing news novemberEmpty offices are to be converted into council homes in a £1.1m plan to ease a city’s social housing waiting list.

Norwich City Council is to turn its former neighbourhood offices in Bullard Road into seven new homes, including one adapted for disabled tenants.

The move is designed to take pressure off the 4,000-strong waiting list and provide more four-bedroom homes.

The council has unanimously approved the finances, but the scheme still needs planning permission.

You can read more here.

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