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6 Reasons Why Removals Companies are Better than Man with a Van Services

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Removals Services Vs a Man with a Van

We’re going to be listing some of the reasons why you might want to consider opting for trusted removal companies, as opposed to a man with a van.

1. Removals Companies are Fully Insured

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It’s rare that you’ll find a removals company in London that isn’t fully insured, but the same can’t be said for man with a van removal services. Of course, there are many reliable man with a van services in London, but it’s important to do your fact checking if you’re opting for this route. Ensuring your man with a van has insurance is essential, otherwise, you will not be able to claim if anything gets damaged in transport.

Removals companies, on the other hand, should all be insured. In fact, Simply Removals have gone a step further and installed CCTV cameras in all of their removals vans. This means that customers can track their items from A to B and ensure no damage comes to them along the journey.

2. Removals Companies Offer More

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You may find that when it comes to the moving day, your man with a van’s van isn’t quite big enough, which could result in two trips and therefore, more money spent. Additionally, man with a van services are usually quite limited when it comes to their vehicles, which means that you may end up with a massive van when you only need to move a few things. Of course, you’ll be able to choose a man with a van with the van size suited to your needs, but be aware that they may not offer much variety.

Removals companies usually offer a variety of removals vans to accommodate to your individual needs. Simply Removals has a wide variety of vehicles employed for big and small moves. We have a removals van perfect for every type of move. This means that you won’t have to pay for a van that’s an inappropriate size for your move, saving you time, money and effort.

3. Security and Packaging

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Not every man with a van service will come with adequate security features, which is why you’ll have to do some research and speak to them to ensure that you’re happy with them transporting your valuable items from A to B. You’ll also want to check if a man with a van comes with packaging options, because if they don’t, then your items are put under greater risk of damage.

Simply Removals offer a bespoke packaging system which ensures all of your most valuable possessions are packed safely and arrive safely. We’ve already mentioned that we utilise CCTV security, so if safety and security is something you prioritise, you may want to opt for our service.

4. Experience and Trust

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One of the most important aspects when arranging your move is picking a removals service that has experience and one you can trust. Man with a van removals don’t have as good a reputation as professional removals companies because some are not insured, or have been in the business long enough to provide excellent service to their customers.

Simply Removals have over 25 years’ experience in the removals industry and we remain London’s most sought-after removals company because of it. Experience is key when it comes to removals and business in general because customers want to work with companies who are veterans in their industry.

5. Staff are all Professionally Trained

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Again, this comes with experience. Simply Removals train all of their staff on how to lift items safely and efficiently, as well as training on health and safety regulations. Customer service is also something that’s incredibly important to us and all our staff are dedicated to ensuring they provide the best service possible to all our customers.

6. Removals Companies are Faster and Readily Available

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Removal Companies are generally bigger and provide a wider variety of vehicles (as mentioned previously). Additionally, professional removals companies will have multiple staff and will be readily available, meaning service is swift and efficient. Man with a van services may offer something similar but are rarely able to compete with the size and efficiency of a professional removals company.

Choose a Removals Company!

Ultimately, choosing a trusted removals company will put your mind at rest on the moving day. Your moving day should be stress-free and one of the most important factors to address is getting your items from A to B safely and efficiently. If you’d like to know more about how we can help you on your moving day, please get in touch via our Contact Page or call us on 020 8712 0710.