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7 Tips to Save Money While Moving on a Budget

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We can all agree that moving houses is one of the most stressful events in life you could have, right? And when you add the worry about the cost of your relocation, the anxiety may gradually start to creep up on you…

So, whether you’re moving to a new place for the first time (and you wave goodbye to your parents’ home), you’re leaving the rental market for good, or your business is expanding and you’re relocating to a new office, there’s always the niggling question of how to move out without spending too much.

As one of the best moving companies in the UK, we have to say that there isn’t a cheapest way to move houses, as circumstances vary from person to person. But you can get an insight on how to save money here and there from our universal budget-moving tips below:

1. Declutter Well in Advance

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Are you downsizing? Then, sell the bulky settee if you’re going to struggle to find a spot for it in your new home. Or do you really need to take all your old student papers with you now that it’s been 10 years since you left university? Instead, declutter your house so you don’t have to pack and pay for the transportation of junk and items you don’t really want to keep. You can check this post for some useful decluttering tips and tricks.

Make a List of What You’re Taking

Writing a list of what you want to take to your new place is a great way to declutter your life mentally before the big day. You’ll be able to clear your thoughts on paper and make it much easier to part with things you no longer need.

Give Away Stuff You Don’t Need

Ready with your list? Well done! Now you can go to a charity shop and donate stuff that you don’t feel like throwing away, such as some of your old clothes, books or CDs. Also, surely, your much younger brother would love to have your mountain bike now that you’re driving everywhere.

Do a Car Boot Sale

Furthermore, you will not only save money by getting rid of items that you don’t use anymore but you could also easily fund part of your move by selling some of your stuff. And what better way to this than by venturing to the nearest car boot sale. If it’s your first time, you can get inspiration from these handy tips for newbie-car boot traders.

Take Care of Cleaning

Without the shadow of a doubt, cleaning any property at the end of lease is what security deposits depend on but if running on a budget, you don’t have to book a top to bottom cleaning service but only a hot water extraction carpet cleaning session. Anyways, rugs and floor covering is where 90% of dirt and allergens accumulate.

2. Pack Yourself

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Packing yourself will be a breeze once you’ve decluttered your home and are left only with stuff that you can’t go without. It will also save you some cash, of course, if you’re not relying on professional packers to do the job for you. So, we’ve got some tips on how to do the packing yourself and in a stress-free way.

Print Out or Write Removals Labels

These will help you or the movers know what goes first in the van, which box need be unpacked in which room at your new destination, or if the items must be handled with extra care. You’ll find it much easier and faster to settle in your new home if you have to “unearth” the contents out of a labeled box rather than if you didn’t have a clue about what’s exactly in it.

Find Free Moving Boxes

If the boxes and packaging materials are not included in your removals service, then, try not to spend on buying something that you’ll only have to discard as soon as you arrive at your new location. Ask your neighbours who have just moved next door before wishing them farewell if you can use their boxes. Also, go to a furniture store, a bookshop and to your local supermarket, where you can fetch different-sized boxes for free.

Get Packaging Paper for Padding

Again, there’s no need to purchase any wrapping paper. Instead, use newspapers, cloths or old towels to fill in gaps and pad out the boxes. This is another sure tip for saving money while moving and is also a definite eco-friendly way of packing your possessions.

Start Packing Room by Room

Running around like a headless chicken while picking garments from a chair and then, doing a dash to your living room to pack some books will get you nowhere. Start packing your belongings one room at a time. This way, you won’t miss to take something you’ve forgotten that you keep in a top kitchen cupboard or at the back of your wardrobe.

Pack a First-Night Box

This is the one sensible thing people often fail to do in the rush of packing and moving out – to prepare a bag or a box with essentials that they’d need on the first day at their new house. So, think of what you want to have an immediate access to, once you get to your destination, and label the box with ‘First off the van’ or something similar.

Label Valuables and Fragiles

Write clearly a sign on the box to indicate that it contains breakable items. Also, mark with an arrow which way it should face upwards so that the movers don’t handle the package the wrong way. In addition, take the following advice – consider having anything of value packed professionally to get it instantly insured. Saving a few pennies on the packing may cost you a lot more in the long run. You won’t get reimbursed in anyway if you’ve packed your antique vase yourself and it got damaged during transportation.

3. Shop around for a moving company

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Unless you have a decent-sized vehicle to transport all your furniture and belongings, it’s likely that you’ll be looking for a good deal to relocate with the help from a removals company. Do your homework and compare moving services to find the best option for your situation.

Enquire About Hidden Surcharges

Request detailed information about hidden costs and surcharges. For instance, you can ask if the fuel expenditures are included in the service or if your stuff will travel under full insurance because you’ve booked a packing service, as well.

Combine Services to Get a Discount

Another money-saving removals tip is to combine services to get a good discount. Here’s a plausible scenario – You’re moving out of your rented flat and intend to do the cleaning yourself, and thus, risking the retrieval of your security deposit. Now – to common sense! Why not pay half of what you may end of losing and get professional end-of-lease cleaning assistance with the same removals company at discounted rates?

4. Move on a weekday

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To move out on a budget also requires a little out-of-the-box thinking. Couples generally pick a weekend to do the dreaded relocation so that they don’t miss a day’s work, or at the end of the month when their rental agreement expires. Well, why not do the opposite and choose a weekday to move, which is not close to the end of the month? Removal services can be purchased at lower rates when they are booked during these times.

5. Cut Off or Transfer Your Utility Services in Time

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Well, we don’t recommend that you live in the dark with a candle weeks before your relocation but you can terminate certain non-transferable utility services, instead of paying unnecessarily for a period when they are not going to be used. Still, most service providers offer the opportunity for the client to move the service to their new address.

Just apply with the company in good time for a service transfer to avoid incurring additional costs.

6. Save Money on Moving Offices

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Moving offices is not dissimilar to moving homes. It’s the same process but possibly on a larger scale. However, with the extent of the move grows the cost. So, check out our tips on how to move offices on a budget:

Make a team-building event out of your relocation – encourage staff to help each other pack their office essentials but, of course, after decluttering their desks, first;

Negotiate special rental conditions with your new landlord – you can make arrangements with you new landlord to help towards the fit-out of your new office as part of the rental agreement;

Recycle old furniture against a discount on new or remodelled office pieces – many furniture re-manufacturers will buy off your old furnishings and offer you discounted prices on restored pieces that fit in with your new office needs;

Move outside business hours – hiring a removals truck on a weekend may be slightly more expensive than on a weekday but you’ll lose out more if you put your business on hold for a couple of days during standard business hours.

Combine the removals with a move-out office cleaning service – it’s cheaper to get the office cleaning done as part of your removals service than resorting to professional cleaning help separately.

7. Cheapest Way to Move Out of Your Parents’ Place

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And finally, let’s find out how to move out of your dear “old” folks’ home without the financial shock of needing to live on pot noodles for a month, following your relocation. Consider these tricks below to enjoy a painless nest-leaving venture.

Find someone to share a flat with to halve the costs on rent and utilities.

Apply for a few job interviews well before moving day.

  • Don’t be picky during your job hunt, waiting for that dream-job offer to come through
  • If you desperately want to take your bed with you, ask you dad’s friend with the van to help you move it.
  • You may be better off moving light and furnish gradually your new place with pieces from local recycle centres or second-hand shops, instead of paying for a long-distance furniture transportation service.

There, now you have a few tricks up your sleeve on how to move out without spending too much. Please, share this article if you’ve found it helpful.

And if you need more removals advice or assistance, contact Simply Removals anytime.