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Austerity blamed for drop in affordable housing

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Austerity blamed for drop in affordable housing

housing news novemberFewer affordable homes will be available to people due to cuts to the planning departments in Welsh councils, a social housing body has said.

Community Housing Cymru (CHC) said a lack of planning resources had led to fewer low-priced homes being built.

Money spent by councils on planning departments in Wales has more than halved from £159m in 2010 to £77.4m in 2017-18.

The Welsh Government said it aims to build 20,000 affordable homes by 2021.

  • Homeless population ‘rises to 320,000’
  • Home ownership ‘out of reach’ warning

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Social housing: more than just a roof over people’s heads

housing news novemberTo restore public trust, housing associations should make social value projects an inextricable part of what they do, according to experts from the sector.

Panellists at a Guardian roundtable on 15 November, supported by Mitie, discussed how social value projects such as public health or apprenticeship schemes can help support communities in difficult times, as long as they are more than just a box-ticking exercise. The experts also said housing associations should form partnerships, rather than each trying to do their own thing.

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Lifting the council borrowing cap won’t address the biggest housing issue cities face. It’s time for land reform

moving house newsPrime Minister Theresa May danced her way onto stage to the disco sounds of ABBA last month – but the real mood music of Conservative Party Conference was house. Ending the housing shortage is a huge domestic priority for the government, and one of the things May, Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg all agree on is that we need to build more homes.

The key policy the Prime Minister announced during her conference speech is that the government would relax restrictions on local government borrowing to build new council homes.

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Housing association paid £1,000 for ‘sham transactions’ signatures

housing news novemberThe small south London-based housing association Pathfinder was accused in court documents, submitted by Southwark Council, of paying tenants to sign sham agreements which made it appear that homes intended for shared ownership were being sold to shared owners, when in fact they were sold on the open market.

Pathfinder and its co-defendants all claimed that they had granted genuine shared ownership leases to individuals and denied paying anyone to sign such documents, and the claim was settled out of court on confidential terms.

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