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Housing News Roundup 12/10/18

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Housing experts join forces to boost property agent standards

housing news octoberHousing Minister Heather Wheeler announces plans to raise standards across the property agent sector.

Plans to raise standards across the entire property agent sector so home buyers, sellers, tenants, landlords and leaseholders receive the best service possible have been announced today (12 October 2018) by Housing Minister Heather Wheeler MP.

A new working group, chaired by Lord Best, and made up of experts from across the property sector will consider options.

For the full article, head over to’s site.

Regulator: reputational risk for housing associations ‘greater than ever’

housing news octoberThe social housing sector faces a greater level of scrutiny than ever before bringing increased reputational risk, the Regulator of Social Housing has said.

In its annual sector risk profile, published today, the regulator said it is “vital” that boards consider the expectations of stakeholders in their decision making.

For more information, you can continue Inside Housing’s article here.

UK’s housing stock ‘needs massive retrofit to meet climate targets’

housing news octoberHundreds of millions of pounds must be spent to achieve 80% cuts in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, report shows

Hundreds of millions of pounds must be spent on the UK’s draughty housing stock to meet the government’s climate change targets, with progress so far too slow to make the difference needed.

Repairing existing homes to a high standard, with insulation and renewable energy technology, would cut consumer bills and bring health improvements, a new report shows.

The Guardian continues the article here.

Sharing rather than building is the answer to housing shortage

housing news octoberHow we live can help, says Andrea Jones, and Judith Martin says pocket homes are not the solution.

“Regarding Radhika Bynon’s letter (14 September) about housing innovation and scaling up solutions to make the sector work better, I argue that the true innovation lies in how people live, not in the building of more homes”.

“During my PhD research into alternative living arrangements in later life, I analysed the housing stock statistics to discover that if the current stock was divided up between every person (including children) in England and Wales, we would each have space the size of a double garage (41 sq metres), which is easily enough to live in. So the challenge is one of redistribution, not construction”.

You can continue reading the full article here.

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