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Housing News Roundup 28/09/18

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Cost of moving house jumps above £12,000 due to soaring stamp duty

moving house news The average cost of moving home has topped £12,000 for the first time, according to Lloyds Bank.

It found that in the last year the total sum, which includes stamp duty, surveyors’ costs, home removal services, conveyancing and estate agency fees, has increased by 4pc from £11,624 to £12,110.

The rise was largely due to rising stamp duty payments as well as estate agency fees, which rose by 3pc to £5,729.

You can read The Telegraph’s article here.

Agenda: Housing must be at the centre of policy on poverty

moving house newsWorking in the housing sector means that we are constantly thinking about how to ensure everyone has access to a good quality home that meets their needs. In this context, affordability and poverty are never far from the agenda.

This is the start of Challenge Poverty Week, giving us the opportunity to consider how everyone in Scotland can reach their full potential and live without the constraints of poverty.

For more information, you can read The Herald’s article here.

Call for more housing options for older people in the UK

moving house newsLocal authorities, planners and developers in the UK need to shift their focus to ‘right sizing’ by delivering better, diverse housing options that are accessible to everyone, regardless of age, a new report suggests.

This is because most older home owners don’t want to downsize but those on low and middle incomes are finding themselves trapped in homes which are no longer appropriate for them as they age.

The Guardian reports further here.

Blame the housing crisis for the tragic decline in pet ownership

moving house newsFor a nation of animal lovers, the dog days are over. After decades of rises, the proportion of households that own a pet is now steadily declining – down from nearly two-thirds in 2012 to just over half last year. Figures out last week even showed that families were 10 times more likely to own a virtual assistant like Amazon’s Alexa than a hamster.

This should be baffling. The link between animals, health and happiness is well-documented. There is no evidence that fewer of us are aspiring to pet ownership, and acquiring your first family dog or cat remains an important rite of passage. To many people, getting a pet is the very definition of settling down.

For the full article, click here.

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