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How to Effectively Store Your Furniture

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Removals and storage often go hand in hand. Here at Simply Removals, we know that when moving to a new house it is common to require storage of any extra furniture or household items. There could be many reasons for this, you may be de-cluttering, you may be the proud owner of some antique furniture that simply won’t fit into your new home or you may need to store furniture and other items between moves because there is a delay. Instead of having these valuable pieces thrown away or sold, it is worth thinking about various storage solutions. Read on to find out the storage options we offer at Simply Removals and how to effectively store your furniture.

What Does Storage Offer?

Furniture storage facilities provide you with the room you need to keep the furniture you love, while you move home. At Simply Removals, we want to make every aspect of your removal experience as stress-free as possible. That’s why we offer our customers a safe and secure storage solution for whatever you require.

Cleaning Everything First

Before you store any of your furniture, it is important you clean everything thoroughly. Use an appropriate cleaner for the type of material and then wipe everything down once more for an added layer of protection. To ensure your furniture is fully clean, leave each item to breathe in a well-ventilated area to dry completely. This will ensure no patches of trapped moisture will ruin the furniture while it is in storage. Over time, furniture that is slightly damp can damage your items over time and create marks of discoloration that can damage your furniture.


Before you load your furniture into the moving van, be sure to disassemble any items that you can – this includes bookshelves, bed frames, chairs, tables and more. This will allow you to transport more in one go and will make your storage unity far easier to pack. Be sure to put all screws, bolts and other small items in labelled bags to store alongside the furniture to which is belongs so that you don’t lose anything.

Cover and Protect

We always recommend to our customers that you should never storage your furniture uncovered as it will be prone to damage such as scratching and other marks. Use old sheets, blankets and other cloths to cover or wrap all furniture pieces to protect them from scratching, dust and moisture. Make sure everything is completely covered, you can never be too careful.

Avoid plastic packaging materials when possible as these can suffocate certain materials like wood and fabrics. This can lead to condensation and unpleasant smells in your unit. Instead, old sheets and blankets are far more effective.

Protect Glass Items

Any glass items, such as mirrors and glass tabletops, require some extra precautions. Be sure to wrap these items in packing paper and cover it in bubble wrap for that extra cushioning protection. Place all glass items, once wrapped, into a box if you can. This helps to ensure your glass items are as protected as possible.

Raise the Floor

Whenever possible, avoid putting furniture items directly on the floor of any storage facility. Instead, place everything on pallets so that it is raised slightly off the floor, adding an extra layer of protection against flooding. Even a layer of cardboard or old towels is better than nothing. Although flooding is very unlikely, it is best to take precautions.

Don’t Leave Food Behind

Never leave any food items, storage boxes or anything that came from the grocery store in your storage facility as these items attract bugs and other unwanted critters that can do some real damage to your furniture. While storage facilities are treated with pest control regularly to keep problems such as this under control, you can never be too careful.

Don’t Cram

Strategically store your furniture, as if you were playing Tetris, so that you can fit as much furniture into your storage unit as possible. However, do not over-fill or cram your storage facility with furniture that doesn’t fit comfortably as this can cause breakages and damage. So, try to store all items carefully and strategically and keep your storage space clean and decluttered to protect everything inside.

Store with Us

Here at Simply Removals, we don’t just offer removals services, we also offer storage facilities to all our customers. We will meet any requirement you may have with a ‘no problem’ attitude. We offer removal and storage facilities that will suit your unique location and requirements. Our storage facilities are safe, secure, practical and cost-effective. At Simply Removals, we offer a variety of storage options with the provision of exceptional short or long-term moving and storage services and we will ensure that all your furniture is moved carefully and safely.


We also offer self-storage options. Self-storage is where you choose your desired storage location, we reserve your desired space and help you move everything in. If you’re not sure how much space you require from your storage facility, do not worry, one of our friendly advisers are on hand to assist you in choosing the best possible space for your needs.

Here at Simply Removals, we provide storage solutions not just in London, but the Home Counties and the Midlands! If you would like more information, give us a call today, we would be more than happy to discuss your storage requirements!