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15 Ways To Guarantee A Stress-free Move

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They say that moving house can be one of the most stressful things we do in our lives. It’s not easy uprooting everything you’re comfortable with, and all your possessions and have a professional moving company transport them to a new location. For some people it can be incredibly daunting, and with that comes huge amounts of stress, which can make the whole process much more miserable.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are certain things you can do to make the whole process easier, and alleviate the majority of stress that goes into moving house. I’ve put together a list that will hopefully help the moving process, and if you follow these tips you’ll definitely have a much better chance of a stress-free move.

1. Relax

First of all, you need to relax. I know it’s not easy when you have 101 things to do, but it’s so important to take some time out and relax. When you get stressed about things, especially when you have lots to do, it makes the whole process harder as you are not thinking with a clear head. Take an hour out of your day and do some meditating, or yoga. Or go fishing, or whatever it is that helps you relax. Then while your relaxing think clearly about what you need to do, and how you can go about it in the easiest, most efficient manner possible.

2. Be Prepared

There isn’t anything that causes more stress than the lack of a plan. Unless you’re prepared and know exactly what needs to be done, and when, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself running around like a headless chicken and forgetting things. This acts as a pile driver and as more problems occur, the stress on your shoulders accumulates. After you’ve gone through your relaxation process sit down and make a list of all the things you need to do. Then prioritise them in order of importance. Making a list helps you conceptualise the job at hand and put the whole process into perspective. Another thing to do is start your list way ahead of time, and come back to it each day and add new things as you remember them. This way as it gets closer to the date, you’ll know exactly what to do, and in what order to do it. This will be a guaranteed stress buster when the time comes for your move.

3. Get More Sleep

This is essential. It’s a known fact that humans lack concentration when they lack sleep. Always make sure you get a good night sleep, every night. This will help keep you refreshed and you mind focused. It’s a good idea to have a set time that you go to bed every night so that your body gets into the routine of winding down at the right times. If you get a good night’s sleep you’ll be much better prepared to take on the challenges of the day.

4. Talk to Someone

Talking to other people always helps to make sense of a situation. Using a friend, a partner or a loved one as a sounding board can help you to think about things you might not have thought of on your own. It also helps to know that you’re not on your own and can make the whole process a lot less stressful.

5. Manage Time

Time management is a huge factor when it comes to successfully managing any type of project. Moving house can be looked at as a project, and should be treated in the same way. Work out the jobs that need doing and allocate plenty of time for each task. This way you’ll have a schedule to work towards and it keeps the whole process simple and easier to manage.

6. Be Active

In the same way that relaxation is important, it’s also important to keep active. Regular exercise is proven to help keep your brain focused and in good shape. Treat your body as if it’s a machine, and you need to keep it well maintained. Plus working out in the gym gives you time to think about things and can help in the whole planning process.

7. Have Me Time

This kind of falls under relaxation, but not everyone’s idea of a good time is to relax. The idea of ‘me’ time is to do something you love, just for yourself. This is a great way to unwind and forget about the pressures of everyday life. Allocate some time, whether it be a day, a morning or an evening and just do something you love. Forget about planning, and just enjoy yourself. This way when you get back to the task at hand you’ll find yourself rejuvenated with a new focus.

8. Be Positive

Being positive may sound like a cliché, but it may just be the single most important thing you can do to avoid stress. If you think that things are going to go wrong, generally you’ll find that they do go wrong. Do your planning and have a positive attitude that everything is going to go perfectly. If it doesn’t then don’t worry, have the confidence that it can be put right. Positivity is a wonderful gift you can give to your life and you’ll be surprised how much easier it makes things.

9. Breathe

This sounds obvious. If we don’t breathe, we die. But breathing, or more importantly, the way we breathe is so important for our wellbeing. When you feel yourself getting stressed or uptight, take long deep breaths and just concentrate on the process of breathing. This will help your body relax and put you in a much better mind-set to deal with any problems.

10. Keep Perspective

It’s easy to get caught up in the little things and make them out to be much bigger than what they are. Is moving house so important in the grand scheme of things? Is a broken vase the end of the world? You still have your health, your sanity. Things can always be much, much worse. Keep perspective on the bigger picture of life and don’t let the little things bring you down.

11. Delegate

If you have people that are willing to help, then use them. Work out what needs doing and delegate certain tasks to people you know that want to help. The more people you have to help you the easier the whole process will be. So don’t be afraid to delegate jobs to willing parties. We all like to help people, so don’t be afraid to take the opportunity when it’s offered.

12. Take Care of Emails, Chores, etc..

Always make sure you keep on top of your normal everyday life. Just because you’re moving house it doesn’t mean the rest of the world stops. Set some time each day for dealing with the things that need to be dealt with. This way they don’t accumulate and build stress when you need it the least.

13. Listen to Yourself

Listen to your body as it has a highly intuitive way of telling you when something is wrong. If you feel tired then you need to rest. Ploughing through it is not going to help things in the long run, it’s just going to end up making you feel stressed, and your productivity will go down.

14. Stop Trying to be Perfect

There is no such thing as perfection, so don’t try to make the perfect move. All you can do is follow these tips to the letter, which will make your move much less stressful, but don’t expect things to go perfectly. Mistakes will happen, and if you expect them to happen then you’re in a much better place to deal with them when they do.

15. Slow Down

Finally, it’s vital that you slow down your pace. Don’t try to do things at a hundred miles per hour. More haste, less speed is the saying and it couldn’t be more true when it comes to moving house. Allow plenty of time to do things correctly and move at a steady, measured and focused pace. It’ll be a whole lot less stressful in the long run.

So that’s it, I hope these tips can help focus your mind to handle the big move. Don’t make it harder than it needs to be. There is always going to be an element of stress, but if you follow these guidelines it’ll make the whole process easier and much more enjoyable.

Have I missed anything? If you can think of any other stress busting tips, please feel free to leave me a comment. Together we can all take the stress out of moving house.

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  1. Asking for help. I never asked for help and I was so wrong! After a couple of hours I was panicked.. fortunately, good friends never let you alone and although I did not call anyone, they made me a surprise.

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