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How to Move Out of Your Parents House

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Moving out of your parent’s house is a big step and signals your transition into independence. It’s a big step and it’s essential that you know what to expect.  You’re about to face a big change (both emotionally and financially) and we want your move to go as smoothly as possible.

As experts in home removals and London’s Premier moving company, we have tips to help your move go as smoothly as possible – some you probably haven’t considered. Make sure you’re thoroughly prepared and scroll down to find out how you make move out of your parents smoothly and easily.

Communicate with Your Parents About Moving

Adults talking to each other

It could be that you’ve been wanting to move out for a while, or it may be quite a recent decision. Whatever the reason, it is important to communicate your intentions and your moving plan with your parents. It’s generally pretty difficult to move out of your parent’s house without them knowing. So, sit down and discuss your moving plans with them. Who knows, they may even have some useful advice to share.

Plan Moving Out of Your Parents House with Them

During the discussion with your parents, it is good to plan your move. Work together with your parents to come up with a moving plan you can all agree on and decide on a goal date for when you hope to be moved out by. Planning your move in this way is a great place to start and helps give you that extra push to get on with moving out.

Discuss Visitation Plans with Your Parents

Dinner with your parents

This is also a good time to make a visitation plan. It can be difficult moving away from your parents for the first time and if you have a good relationship, it’s likely you’ll miss them very much. So, take the time to talk about how often you’ll see each other. Perhaps you’ll aim to come over once a week for a meal or you’ll only see them for holidays. Chat through a plant that works for you all as this can make moving away from home a little less hard.

Educate Yourself on the Cost of Living

Whether you pay rent at your parents or not, moving into a place of your own will naturally have an impact on your personal finances, and it’s important you’re prepared for this. Learn about the cost of living by making a budget. Consider the costs of rent, utilities, food, and transportation, and then work out whether you’re able to financially support yourself after you move out.

Make sure you know precisely how much money you make and what your outgoings are. You should also account for those unexpected costs, such as the car breaking down. You don’t want to get caught short, having to borrow money, or start living with your parents again. So, educate yourself on the cost of living and make a budget. You can find out how to make a budget by clicking here.

Start Saving While You Live at Home

Putting money in a piggy bank

Moving out isn’t cheap and living on your own certainly isn’t easy So, while you’re living at home it is important to start saving. Many people aim to have an emergency fund that covers around six-months-worth of living expenses. This means that, in the unlikely event of a job loss or an expensive car service, your daily finances don’t take the hit.

Start setting aside money as soon as you can so that you’re prepared for moving out and you have a back-up should things go wrong.

Practice Living Independently

Before you move out, pretend that you already live on your own. This might sound like an odd suggestion, but it will help you come to terms with what it’s like to live like an adult 7 days a week. So, this means cooking all your own meals, doing the housework, washing your own laundry, paying rent (and paying it on time), and making a budget that you stick to. Sounds fun, right?

While it may not sound very appealing, practising independent living while you’re at home is a great way to ease yourself into moving out and living on your own. Of course, it may be that you already do all these things while living at home. And if so, that’s great! Keep at it because you’re already experiencing what it’s like to keep your own home, manage your time, and keep on top of your finances successfully.

Emotionally Prepare Yourself for Moving Out

Emotionally prepare yourself

Many people, when moving out of their parents’ home, don’t consider their emotions. Moving away from home for the first time can take an emotional toll. So, it’s totally normal to feel a little bit nervous.

To help manage your emotions during what could be quite a big step for you, consider what you need to feel safe in your new property. Would it be helpful to meet your neighbours? It doesn’t cost much to consider your comfort level and be realistic about what you can and cannot handle at this stage.

Establish a Good Credit Score

Having a good credit score is an essential part of creating financial independence from your parents. Before you live on your own, it is important to establish credit. Establishing a good credit score helps ensure you can get good loans and interest rates. To work your way towards a good credit score, you want to consider getting a credit card. If you pay all your bills on your credit card and pay it off on time every month, you can help establish credit on your account.

Schedule in Our Professional Movers

Cardboard Boxes Stacked in a Lounge

Unless you have just a few boxes to move, it is best to enlist the help of professional movers. Our team of home removal experts at Simply Removals are experts in helping your move go as smoothly as possible. They can do all the heavy lifting, move your belongings to your new place, disassemble furniture items, and even provide packing materials.

Don’t struggle with loading all the boxes into your car and doing multiple trips alone. Our team are here to help!

Get Rid of Unwanted Furniture Before You Move

Do you have lots of stuff? We often find that people who have never left home own a whole lot of stuff that they just don’t really want anymore. Before you start moving into your new place, get rid of stuff you don’t want anymore. After all, the less stuff you have to move, the easier your move will be. Consider throwing a garden sale, leaving furniture at your parents, selling, or giving away to friends and family.

How to Dispose of Unwanted Furniture

Keep in Touch with Your Parents After You’ve Moved

Once you’re all moved out and settled into your new place, don’t get complacent. It’s easy to assume that your parents are doing okay because you’re loving life. But it is important to keep in touch with your parents after you’ve moved out. Make the time to schedule in a dinner or an afternoon with them, go over and watch the football, or just give your mum a call every now and again. They will really appreciate it.

Change Your Home Address

When you’re preparing to move out of your parents, it is important to change your address. Now, we’re going to be honest with you. This step can be a real faff if you’re unprepared. So, stay ahead of the game by setting up a mail redirection to your new address. Once you’ve moved in, this gives you time to sort your address changes without losing out on receiving those all-important bank statements or birthday cards from grandma.

Who to Notify When Moving House

Pack Your Belongings Properly and Label Boxes

After you’ve sorted a moving day and decluttered, it’s time to start packing your belongings. However, we thought we’d share our tips on how to pack properly. You shouldn’t approach packing in a nonchalant way as this isn’t always very effective. Follow our packing advice and your move will be made as easy as possible.

At Simply Removals, we always advise that you begin by packing a list of essential items first. Always pack an overnight bag with everything in it that you need to get through the first few days. This is a simple packing tip, but it can honestly prevent hours of rummaging through boxes. It’s also helpful to label all boxes clearly. Not only does this help with the move itself (boxes are sent to the right rooms), but it helps you during the unpacking process.

Top tip: Keep important documents with you at all times.

Packing Tips for Moving House

Finally, you’ve made it! Celebrate with a bottle of bubbly and try not to miss your mum’s home-cooked meals too much…