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How to Move Your Belongings Overseas

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Home removals is, in itself, a daunting prospect for many people. However, the feeling of apprehension is doubled when homeowners consider moving their belongings, family, and lives overseas. However, it is possible to move to a new country without too much trouble and I am going to share my top tips for moving your belongings overseas.

Choose the Sea Over the Air

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Moving your belongings from one country to another is undoubtedly the most expensive aspect of moving overseas. However, there are ways you can cut costs and one of theses is by shipping your belongings overseas instead of flying them. You can send a lot more via cargo ship than you can via plane, and at a fraction of the cost!

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

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Time is essential when you are planning a move abroad. Almost every aspect of the moving process will benefit from careful planning and lots of time. If you leave all the decisions to the last minute, you will make the process unnecessarily stressful on yourself. You’ve got to sort things like work permits, pet passports, visas, and so much more. And perhaps it’s an obvious point but these things can take a long time, so if you tend to be a last-minute person, I strongly recommend you give yourself more time than you think you need.

Time Your Flight Payments

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Alongside the importance of good time-keeping, comes booking your flights at just the right time. It turns out that the best time to buy plane tickets isn’t as soon as possible, it’s actually at a very specific time. Of course, the exact moment does depend entirely on the country you’re travelling too, the time of year, the route, and so much more. However, if you keep an eye on the plane ticket sales and hold on for a bit instead of jumping straight in, you may find tickets at a fraction of the price.

Top tip: travelling during off-peak seasons naturally makes for quieter flights and cheaper tickets, because you’re not travelling at the same time as all the tourists.

Sell Anything You No Longer Need

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One of the most important things before moving into a new country is to get rid of any unwanted belongings. The best advice is to take half the staff and twice the cash you think you’ll need. There’s a big difference between not being able to live without something and simply not wanting to get rid of it. Do you really need that big television in your living room? Sell it. Are you moving to a warm country? Sell your old winter coat.

Once you’ve sorted through your belongings, you can start to sell everything on websites like eBay and Craigslist or donate items to charity. Not only will selling your old belongings help you make some extra space, but it will also get you some extra money.

Open an International Bank Account

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International bank accounts are essential when you’re making the move overseas and they will save you from a world of financial problems. Moving money into an international bank account allows you to hold several currencies at the same time, helping make the financial transition far easier.

Notify Your Government

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Once you’ve made the decision to move to a new country, ensure you notify your government about it. It is easy to end up paying income tax twice when moving abroad. However, if you sort your taxes out in advance, it will make the process far easier than it otherwise would be.

Pack Everything Yourself

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This point depends on how much you want to save money during the moving process. However, doing all the packing yourself can reduce moving costs significantly, and your moving company can even provide you with the packing materials you need. Make sure you enlist a few strong and trusty friends to help you pack up your belongings on moving day so that you don’t have to handle it all on your own.

Start with Making a List

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Lists are a great place to start when it comes to making big life changes. If you know that you’re moving abroad, you know where, and you know when, there is plenty to be getting on with. But where do you start? Well, there is no right place to start, a list can help you prioritise the tasks that are most important. If you give yourself plenty of time and enlist the help you need, you can make every aspect of your international move as smooth and affordable as possible.