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How We Moved Matrix Island

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Here at Simply Removals, we are experts in home removals. No removal is too big or too small. Our fully trained teams are on-hand to provide you with unrivalled service and cost-effective efficiency.

Recently, we had the privilege of moving the most expensive houseboat in England. When we got the call about this home removal, we knew it would be far different to anything we had done before. But we love a challenge!

About the Boat

This is Britain’s most expensive houseboat and it is on the market for a whopping £3.7 million. Yes, you read correctly, £3.7 million! That’s six times the price of the average home in England. But when you hear what this boat offers, it isn’t hard to see why.

This luxurious boat boasts state-of-the-art kitchens, LED lighting, five en-suite bathrooms, an upper deck for entertaining, two reception areas built around a central stairway and much more. The dining room alone measures 5,000 square feet.

The boat is certainly a far cry from most houseboats dotted around the country’s waterways, with their narrow walkways and low ceilings. This boat has everything you could ever need for a comfortable life and more! You can even host parties with friends and family as the front deck is nearly 50ft and can fit an array of chairs and tables for entertaining. And it all comes with excellent views of the London skyline and river.

The boat, named Matrix Island, began its life in the 1930s as a steel barge. It used to cruise up and down the River Seine in Paris, transporting coal. In recent years, the boat was sold and turned into what is, possibly, the largest boat on the Thames.

Where Does the Boat Reside?

The converted steel barge is now moored in St Katherine Docks, upmarket yacht marina next to the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. The next owners of this incredible vessel will need deep pockets as the maintenance and mooring charge along is £18,000 a year.

The owners who are selling the boat, Ron and June Clark, bought the vessel 26 years ago in Bournemouth, Dorset, but they have decided to sell it after many years spent enjoying the incredible sea views and take up a quiet life in a country village.

Links to French History

This boat is not just a glorious site to behold but it is a piece of reclaimed history. To help keep part of French history alive, during the renovation process, various parts of the boat have a story that link to its rich French history.

Recycled sails have been used on the doorframes, the staircase was sourced from the Renault car factory and each of the five bedrooms and the communal areas have a historical French story that is expressed through the design.

An Experts Opinion

Nige Day, head of houseboat sales, said the market for the prestige houseboats was increasing at a remarkable rate. He states: “Houseboats have evolved from the narrowboats we are accustomed to seeing on Britain’s canals. The best examples are now floating mansions. They often measure over 5,000 square feet of living space and have every modern amenity. Bathrooms that resemble a spa now come as standard. Inside they are almost indistinguishable from land built luxury homes but have the obvious advantage of the best views.”

How Did We Do It?

So, how did we help the owners of the most expensive houseboat in Britain move their belongings safely from a boat? Read on to find out more.

We Did the Packing

Not only did we get a team of people together to move this couple from their glorious house boat but we helped with the packing as well. Packing up your belongings can be the most time-consuming aspect of moving home – especially when your home is a five-bedroom houseboat. That’s why, here at Simply Removals, we offer our home packing service to ensure your precious goods are packed and moved without any damage.

We packed up everything in Britain’s most expensive houseboat, a tall feat indeed you may assume. However, with such a large team of Simply Removals staff on-hand we managed to get the work done efficiently and quickly, ensuring the best customer service we could.

Moving Vans

As with any home removal, having a moving van is essential. Here at Simply Removals, we have a fleet of vehicles ready to serve all removal requirements. However, for this boat removal, because of the size of the project we employed three Simply Removals vans to help us get the job done. And it was a good thing we did because there was a lot to move – hardly surprising in this luxurious mansion.

Final Words

It was such a privilege offering our home removals service to the owners of Matrix Island and we wish them every happiness on their new home adventures. It was certainly an experience stepping onto Britain’s most expensive houseboat and seeing the luxury first-hand. Our staff said that if they had £3.7 million in the bank, they would purchase this place in a heartbeat. Matrix Island was one of the most unique home removals we have ever done and it is certainly one of our favourites.

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If you require a home removals service, let Matrix Island be the proof that there is no project too big or small and no project too unique. Our team are fully trained and equipped with the knowledge to move you, your family and your belongings safely, efficiently and cost-effectively. That’s why we are one of the most unrivalled removals companies in the country. Give us a call today to book your home removal!