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Is student housing too expensive?

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UK housing crisis hurts the young and the poor

housing news decemberGaby Hinsliff’s forebodings (If a house price crash sounds like good news, you should think again, 30 November) are for the haves, not the have-nots. Unless prices come back to a mortgageable multiplier of average local earnings, more and more young adults and families without inherited property wealth face a lifetime of insecure renting.

Neither is there much hope for them in “affordable homes” when developers can reduce or avoid provision if they argue that it would bring a scheme’s profit margin below 20%.

Fore more information on the housing crisis, continue reading over at The Guardian.

Is student housing too exhousing news decemberpensive?

The average price of student accommodation in the UK has increased by almost a third over the last six years, according to the new Accommodation Costs Survey 2018. The research, run by student housing charity Unipol and National Union of Students (NUS), found that the increase had been underpinned by more upmarket accommodation.

But the NUS has warned that it has created a ‘real affordability problem’. What’s the average cost of living at university? We look at everything from accommodation and transport to clothing and coffee.

You can find out more over at Which.

Housing association acquires construction firm

housing news decemberThirteen Homes, the housing development arm of housing association Thirteen Group, acquired 100% of the Hartlepool-based Gus Robinson Developments for an undisclosed amount.

Currently Thirteen Homes develops houses for outright sale, and Thirteen Group reinvests the profits into social housing delivery.

Gus Robinson, which predicts revenue for the current year in the region of £25m, will deliver affordable housing schemes and specialist housing projects in addition to properties for outright sale.

For more information on this, head over to Inside Housing.

Large Southern housing association shifts to land-led development

housing news decemberIn an interview, Mark Washer said that despite Sovereign having built 85% of its housing through Section 106 historically, it would now shift towards being the lead developer on more sites.

Section 106 is a mechanism through which local authorities require developers to provide a percentage of affordable housing on their developments. This housing is then managed by housing associations.

Fore more on the housing shifts, click here.

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