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Mortgages Without Mum and Dad’s Help

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Piggy Bank

The deposit-free mortgages I am proposing would be aimed at those whose net income would increase significantly by moving from renting to buying, and who are not fortunate enough to be able to draw on the ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’, writes Frank Field MPWhile Lloyds has identified the largest … read more

The 100% Mortgage is Back – is it Worth the Risk?

Pound Coins

A new mortgage from Lloyds Bank lets first-time buyers borrow the entire cost of their new home. But this isn’t a return to the pre-financial crash lending frenzyIt is a 100% mortgage but not, thank goodness, as we once knew them. Lloyds Bank’s new Lend a Hand mortgage offers first-time … read more

Crossrail and £105m Investment Coming to Ilford, Where Flats Cost £238k

Train Tracks, Railway

The prospect of fast Elizabeth line trains to everywhere that matters is boosting Ilford’s stock of new homes for first-timers … read more

New Fitness for Human Habitation Bill Means Landlords Can be Taken to Court if They Don’t Complete Necessary Home Repairs

Court Room Gavel

Victoria Whitlock warns fellow landlords not to ignore tenants’ moans about damp or blocked drains. A new law will trap the rogues …or she might just use her stern ‘mum voice’ … read more

Would We Pay Higher Stamp Duty if We Marry Before Buying Together?

Coin Stacks

We would be tenants in common on the joint propertyQ Please can you advise me whether my partner and I should wait until we marry to buy a new home together or not. I own three rental properties and would probably need to sell my current home to buy with … read more

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