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Moving from Home to University

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Take it from someone who found out the hard way, it is essential you arrive at university prepared. I travelled from Jersey (abroad) to Brighton, and once I had moved into halls, I proceeded to move straight back out.

When moving, take the essentials
The oblivious student’s guide

Wait, what?

Yes. I moved out of halls as I realised I was actually placed in the wrong university, initially. It’s a long story.

So, I had to move everything. A two-hour train journey, on my own, in a place I’d never been. In fact, I’d never even been on a train. I quickly learnt what was essential and what was not. Due to me being incredibly under-prepared during my second move, I know what to look out for regarding home removals.  These are the bare essentials that you will struggle to live without.

The essentials you cannot live without

Food – Feeding yourself & avoiding potential starvation


Always a daunting prospect. Leaving Mum and Dad’s free buffet is something that terrified me to the day of my voluntary expulsion from home. Considering the only thing I could make consisted of beans on toast, it’s safe to that my fear was entirely plausible. Plus, if you’re feeling as if you’re worse equipped than I was, know that I tried to fry pasta.


I tried to fry pasta. I can’t even begin to fathom what my logic was. Maybe if I fried the pasta it would, sort of, melt? It still baffles me to this day.

Fear not, no one is as foolish as I (I hope). With the likes of Joe Wicks, Fiona Beckett and Sam Stern headlining the easy cookbook craze, you can leave your kitchen nightmares behind. Trust me when I say these guides are loaded with easy-access and readily-available content. They make for solid, reliable companions in your anti-starvation plan.

Bedding – Ensuring that you aren’t sleeping on concrete or outside with the foxes


Bedding might seem like an obvious one and that’s because it is. Of course you need a bed, you need to sleep, sleeping is fairly important despite what your freshers’ reps will tell you. If you’re the type of person that has a strong tie to home, then no one is stopping you taking your mattress. Do bear in mind that this is your first year, and many of the things you buy won’t last the year.

So don’t worry about spending your life savings on a £200 super kettle that boils pot noodle in 3.5 seconds. You’ll find a wide variety of home comforts in places such as Ikea, Asda, Argos and even Primark (if you’re feeling classy). You’ll be spending the majority of your first two weeks in your bed, so make sure your pit of sorrow is as comfortable as a fat hamster’s nest.

Clothes – Providing warmth, comfort and style. Also preventing you from public indecency


Again, obvious. What might not appear obvious however, are what clothes you need to take and when. Do not make the mistake of taking everything you have in your wardrobe. Many thoughts will fly across your mind, ‘what if I need this padded penguin suit for a buzzing party? I’ll take it just in case.’


Put the padded penguin suit down, you do not need the padded penguin suit. If, not when, if, you really desire to look like a penguin it can always be sent in the post. Seasonal clothing headlines your importance gig here. You’ll be wrapping up warm considering your usual move in date nears the fall (pun) of autumn. Pack your warmest jumpers, jeans, shirts and shoes.

Don’t try and pack all 5,000 of your t-shirts. Chances are you’ll be in a jumper most of the time, and no one really likes your ironic Big Bang Theory t-shirts. Having a sister, I witnessed first-hand the struggles of packing everything. I understand that sometimes you may require more clothing. You can always pack two suitcases, no one is stopping you. Just make sure you employ a servant (parent) to help. Try not to entirely fill the cases with your summer belongings, you might find yourself a little chilly.

That’s when you can whack out the padded penguin suit.

Laundry Items – An alternative solution to looking homeless


Yes, you do need laundry stuff. You don’t have to iron anything (necessarily) but you do eventually need to wash your clothes. Again most of these items can be bought as opposed to travel. Though, if you want to spend your money on more important things (such as that £40 freshers’ wristband) then make sure you’re packing the right equipment.

Towels and washing products are essential if you are interested in conversing with another human without them disintegrating due to your lack of personal hygiene.

A foldable washing basket is a must for any student. Easy to pack, easy to store. Whack in some eccentric honey, pure bumblebee, lavender, natural spirit, kitten soft, horse hair beauty washing detergent and you’re all set.

First Aid Kit – Even you know you need this


Yeah. We both know that during your first week at least one of you will attempt to consume the entire contents of a bottle of vodka within two hours.

‘It’s the ritual’ the fresher cries as it lies in the shower, curled into the foetal position, helplessly attempting to redeem the free pizza coupon it plucked from grateful arm of the freshers’ fair. It doesn’t have to be filled with medicine. Nor does it ever have to make its way out from under your bed at a consistent rate. It just has to entail the basics. Paracetamol, Nurofen, cold and flu tablets, plasters, and those weird fizzy hangover-cure things that no one uses but everyone has.

In all seriousness, you need this. No one is invincible, and your body is going to be tackling all kinds of stress from time to time. Adapting to a new regime, diet, and life is bound to take its toll sooner or later.

Technology – How would you inform the world of your freshers’ mistakes without your phone or laptop?


This I probably don’t even need to list. You’ll be reading this (hopefully) on the items I’m about to mention. However, one thing that people consistently forget to bring, is the one thing they need most. It is the Jesus Christ of technology, the saviour of the deceased. Yes, ‘tis the charger.

You may often find that you’re so obsessed with ensuring your phone is charged that you entirely forget to remove it from the socket when you leave. Whilst this isn’t the end of the world, it will dent your status on social media. ‘Gotta keep those followers happy with some inspirational message about moving and leaving your friends to rot in your hometown. Isn’t that why people go to university?

Miscellaneous items you may want to bring

Storage – Tableware – Kitchen Equipment – All the most exciting things

The last of the essentials depends on what you deem as ‘essential.’ For example, you could purchase cutlery from any homeware store. Though you may hold affection for a certain piece of cutlery and simply cannot live without it. Such items may include kitchen towels, Tupperware, cutlery, basic ingredients (salt, pepper) and cooking appliances. All of this can be bought, though if you can bring it with you, then why not save some money?


As scary as leaving home is, you’ll be better for it. Striving for that feeling of independence is an exciting prospect. Grab it with both hands and shake it around like a piñata, you’ll be interested to see what flies out for you.

(A piñata is not necessary. Though, it may provoke an opportunity to use the first-aid kit under your bed…)

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  1. I’m moving to uni next year and have been fretting about all the packing details. This was an interesting read and have put my mind at rest a bit. Do you offer discounts for students by the way?

  2. I moved last year and it was one of the most stressful things I’ve ever done in my life! I did not think I needed help but next time I will ask you guys!

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