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5 Tips To Move House Without Stress

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Unfortunately, moving house in the real life is not as easy as that, and can be very stressful. What is more, there are many people that don’t how to handle their items properly, putting their health at risk and, often, injuring themselves.

This is why, if you’re not hiring a moving company, we want to give you a few tips to prevent or, at least, reduce the stress and risk of hurting yourself during your move.

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Everyone’s dream is to move house like Merlin the Wizard or Mary Poppins. Do you remember her magic bag?

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1) Plan ahead

Planning your moving is the first thing you need to put in your to do list. Grab a pen and paper, and make an inventory of your belongings, scheduling the dates to give yourself enough time for unexpected events. There is always something you can’t foresee and rushing  is the best friend of stress. Also, decide where to relocate your furniture before starting your move.

2) Choose the right boxes and packing materials

In order to avoid damage to your most fragile items, choose the right size boxes and fill them with a logic. If you are a Tetris player, you’ll know what I mean. Remember to protect every item with paper or, better, with bubbled wrap.


3) Don’t rush: lift slowly and properly

This is an essential point.  It does not matter how precious your piano or grandmother’s wardrobe is because your health is way more important. Lifting heavy items without knowing how to lift them properly will not only damage your possessions, but also will probably damage your back. And there is no way of replacing your back. So be careful and learn some basic lifting techniques to protect yourself as well as the objects you are going to carry. Do not overestimate your capabilities and if you are not sure about your strength, just don’t do it. Some appliances or furniture can be disassembled, so it could be worth spending a bit more time doing that, rather than, later, spending days taking painkillers!


4) Ask for help

Don’t wait till the last minute because it’s hard to find available and reliable helpers, regardless if they are friends or companies. If you need help, ask for it in advance and always be sure of their confirmation!

5) Rent a storage unit

If you need space during your move because, for example, you have to respect a deadline with your ex-landlord, you may consider hiring a storage unit. Your most precious and/or heaviest items, will be kept safe as long as you need, relieving you from a considerable amount of stress. Another good option is to hire a van to move in less time.

PS: If you have a magic formula, a “Hockety pockety wockety wack” let us know: sharing is caring!

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