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Moving Out for the First Time and What You Need to Know

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Moving out for the first time is a big step for anyone. While the thought of moving out is an exciting prospect, there is a lot to consider about this major life change. If you’re worried about moving out for the first time, you’re not the only one. In this article we will try and alleviate some of the anxiety and stress around moving out for the first time. Refer to our expert tips below and enjoy the experience of moving out for the first time.

Organise Your Finances Before Moving Out

Moving out for the first time you need to organise your finances

While you’ve been living at home, it’s likely you’ve enjoyed the security of some kind of financial safety net. After all, you’re not the on responsible for paying the mortgage, right? But now that you’re heading out on your own, you need to have a better understanding of what a budget is, what a good one looks like, and how it works.

Before you move out of your parents for the first time, consider your monthly income and expenses. Start by listing all the non-negotiable payments you need to make regularly, such as transport costs, groceries, bills, and so on. From there you can then break down other spending (such as shopping and outings with friends) and savings. This will give you a really good idea of how much money you have coming in and how much is left after everything has been paid for.

Before You Move Out, Get a Job

Before moving out for the first time, get a job

To move out of your parents house, you will need a full-time job to pay your way. If you don’t already have a job, get searching and try to secure yourself a good position. Most young adults have to start their professional climb in an entry-level position. So, it’s important to be aware that you may not have as much disposal income as you’re used to during your first year of living away from home.

Never rely on your ability to live off your savings for the first few months while you look for a job. You don’t want to deal with that stress, and you may not find the right job or the right sized pay-check in the few months you’ve given yourself. So, it’s important you secure a job before moving day.

Start Practicing Good Habits

Moving out for the first time and doing your own laundry

If you’ve been enjoying the luxury of living at home, moving out for the first time could come as a bit of a wake-up call for you. So, before you move out it’s important you start practicing good habits that will help make the adjustment to adult-life that little bit easier.

Start sticking to a budget, take on more responsibility around the house, and maybe even set yourself a daily routine to stick to in preparation for the working world. Yes, this means setting an alarm clock and getting up at the same time each day.

Learn How to Cook Your Own Meals

Learn how to cook before moving out for the first time

If you don’t cook all that often and you’re looking to move out for the first time, it’s time to learn how. Learning to cook all your own meals will save you significantly on grocery bills and you will also learn to cook some great (and not so great) meals along the way. Also be sure to keep a microwave meal in the freezer for those evenings you just don’t have the time or energy to cook – it’s so much cheaper than ordering a takeaway!

Find Yourself a Suitable Place to Live

Moving out for the first place and finding a suitable place to live

In order to move out for the first time, you need to have somewhere to move to. While it’s easy for us to advise you on finding a suitable place to live, that can be difficult in reality. When you’re looking for somewhere to live, it’s important to consider a few points:

Consider Moving in with a Roommate

Moving out for the first time with a roommate

For many people, moving out for the first time can be a daunting experience. However, this is often made easier at the thought of moving in with someone else. Not only is moving in with a roommate a great support emotionally, but it can also help you reduce your living costs, too.

However, if you’re happy in your own company you’ll probably want a place of your own. While it might be smaller (due to budget restraints), it will be yours to enjoy.

Find the Perfect Property Location

Moving out for the first time and living in the best location

Most of us would love to live in an amazing property in a beautiful location if money were no object, but unfortunately it is. This means, you have to consider your budget when moving out for the first time. You may want to live near to workplace, the gym, or a park. And it’s also important to feel safe, wherever you move to, so always check the area crime rate. Take the time to look at many properties before making your final decision, and never move anywhere without exploring all your options first.

Hire the Help of a Professional Moving Company

Moving out for the first time with Simply Removals expert packers

Moving out for the first time can be stressful, because you’re often faced with decisions you’ve not had to think about before. One of the significant things many first-time movers miss is hiring a professional moving company to help with the move itself. You don’t need to struggle with moving everything on your own, hire movers from Simply Removals.

At Simply Removals, we provide professional home removal services to customers throughout the UK. Our team of removal experts can help get you moved into your new property with as little stress as possible. Rather than ferrying your belongings in multiple car trips, hire our moving trucks and get everything moved at once.

Ask Your Friends and Family for Help and Support

Moving out for the first time, ask for the support you need

When you’re moving out for the very first time, it’s important you seek help and support from your parents. Ask them to help you with the things you might not think about when moving out, such as cleaning your new place before moving in, fitting light bulbs, and applying for council tax. Your parents have likely moved a few times in their lives, so they’ll likely be able to provide you with any advice you may need.

Sort Out Your Belongings Before Moving

Moving out for the first time, sort through your belongings

If you’ve never moved out before, it’s possible you will commit one of the worst moving mistakes there is and move out all of your belongings without sorting them out first. Not only will this cost you plenty of money, but it will also be a huge waste of time. So, avoid it at all costs by sorting out your belongings before moving. You can sort through your belongings in the following ways:

– Go through all household items very carefully.
– Decide which items you want to keep and can pack.
– Sell or give away anything that you no longer want.
– Throw away broken items beyond repair.
Get rid of unwanted furniture.

It’s possible that the thought of sorting through everything in your house is overwhelming, but it is so important. You will save precious time by not wasting hours packing things into boxes that you’ll only clear out once you get to your new place. And you will save money by not paying to transport all your unneeded belongings to your new house.

Top tip: this process is easier the earlier you start it. Work methodically room by room and soon enough you’ll have cleared out those things you no longer want or need. You’ll be amazing at how much stuff you’ve collected over the years!

Create a Moving To-Do List

Moving out for the first time, checklist

If you’re moving out for the first time, you’ll probably get plenty of advice from other people. However, it’s important to realise that some tips will work great for you and others might not. Our advice would be to make a moving to-do list. This should include everything you need to do before moving out.

With no previous moving experience, it’s likely you’ll find it difficult knowing where to start. That’s why, thankfully, we have put together a moving house checklist with everything you need to remember.  With our expert tips for moving, your move should go smoothly.

Always Have a Plan B Up Your Sleeve

Just because you’re moving out for the first time, doesn’t mean that you’re going to fail. However, we always recommend to anyone that it’s a good idea to have a back-up plan, just in case. Where would you go if you lost property because you couldn’t pay the rent? What would you do if you lost your job or fell ill and you weren’t able to support yourself? There are all sorts of curve balls life can throw at us and it’s a good idea to have your backup plan covered.

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