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The Ultimate Moving House Checklist 2018

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moving house check list

Moving house isn’t a scenario where you can just lug everything into a removal company van and get going. The process requires planning weeks, sometimes even months before the moving day. This is to ensure that your move goes smoothly, and you aren’t transferring items you may not need in your new home.

Below is a plan created by Simply Removals (we’ve been around for 20 years, so we know our stuff!).

(skip to the bottom for a copy you can download and print out)

Moving house – 2 months before you move

While thinking about packing 2 months before you move may seem slightly over the top, there are certain factors you’ll want to get out of the way before the final countdown to your moving day.

First, confirm your moving date, second inform your landlord (if you’re renting) of your moving date. Once that’s out of the way, next up is finding a removals company you can trust. Of course, that’s where we come in. Simply Removals have been moving people for over 20 years and are one of London’s best trusted removals companies and offer competitive rates. However, we strongly recommend calling a range of removal companies to compare and find a rate that suits your budget.

Next is insurance. It’s advised that you check if your insurance company covers your move, if not, most removal companies should provide cover. You can find out more information on our coverage policy on our legal disclaimer page.

Lastly, keep a journal of dates, contact numbers and references for insurance etc. This will ensure that you’ll be able to contact or provide any details to the relevant parties when required.

Here’s the 2-month checklist:

  • Confirm your moving date
  • Find a respectable removals company
  • Ensure you have boxes/packaging sorted so you aren’t left without
  • Sort out any insurance/coverage
  • Store important contact details in a safe place

Moving house – 1 month before you move

This is the point where you want to start sorting through all the items you don’t want to take to your new home. Decluttering is essential here, and while it may be tough to let go of a few things, lugging it to your new home just for it to sit in the basement isn’t practical or cost-effective. Consider donating anything you don’t want to charity shops or sell the items if you can.

Make a checklist of the important items you’ll be moving, things like beds, wardrobes, large mirrors, cupboards, white goods and sports equipment. This will not only make organising things easier, but it will give your removals company a better idea of what vehicles will be required and how much it will cost (if the quote hasn’t already been agreed).

Additionally, it’s advised that you ask your removals company if they supply packing materials. If they don’t you will have to source some. At Simply Removals, we supply a variety of packing materials and even offer a bespoke packing solution.

You can begin packing away certain items to make it easier to the move them on the moving day. Foods should be stored in easily accessible areas, so you can still live comfortably without having to worry about organising nearer to the moving day.

It’s worth remembering that the less you move, the less expensive it will be!

Here’s the 1-month checklist:

  • Declutter and sell/donate items you don’t want
  • Make an inventory list of your bigger possessions
  • Start organising where you’re going to store items for easy access come moving day
  • Check if your chosen removals company offer a packing service (boxes, bubble wrap etc)
  • Check for parking (removals vans are usually quite big!)

Moving house – 3 weeks before you move

Although the necessary checks should have already taken place, it may be wise to have a Chartered Surveyor inspect your new property. This is also around the time you will want to speak to your solicitor about exchanging contracts and confirming the moving date.

During this time, you will also need to ensure that parking has been sorted for the removals company at both addresses. Travel routes will also need to be confirmed to ensure that your belongings arrive safely on and time (watch out for peak traffic times!).

Stick your moving checklist somewhere where you can see it and keep your moving journal to hand for any last-minute calls or changes!

Here’s the 3-week checklist:

  • Contact your solicitor regarding contracts
  • Confirm moving date and parking with your removals company
  • Have a travel route sorted
  • Ensure your new house is cleaned and emptied before you move
  • Begin packing non-essential items
  • Dedicate one or two rooms as packing/storage rooms
  • Ensure all outside spaces are clear (gardens, patios, sheds, greenhouses etc).

Moving house – 1 week before you move

During the final week of your moving process, you’ll want to ensure that you first have a folder entailing all the important documents you’ll need (insurance, leases, contract etc). Packing will be nearing its final stage, only the white goods, beds and larger items such as cupboards and wardrobes should remain, waiting to be transferred to the removals van.

As almost all your items are primed for moving, this will make the removal company’s job faster and easier, making your moving day easier. Keep your moving checklist to hand to ensure all important items are packed and ready for transport.

Here’s the 1-week checklist:

  • Ensure all important files and documents are ready for transportation
  • Ensure almost everything is packed, ready for transportation
  • Label boxes accordingly
  • Inform the post office of your new address
  • Arrange a time to collect keys from your estate agent

Moving house – 1 day before you move

This is the part where you walk around your property to ensure everything is packed, labelled and in boxes ready for transportation. All important documents and keys should be readily at hand and every item should be easily accessible for the removals company (unless stated otherwise).

Here’s the day before checklist:

  • Final check of your property
  • Pack tools for box opening and any potential lifting and shifting after the move is finished
  • Leave your old keys in your house for the new tenants
  • Turn off all electrical units and ensure windows are shut before leaving your old house
  • Leave contact details for the new tenants
  • Keep the contact details for your estate agent, solicitor and removal company

Moving house – Once you’ve moved!

You’ve arrived at your new home! But there’s still work to do…

Once you arrive, you will want to let your removals company know if there are any specific requirements that need to be addressed and which boxes go into which rooms. Check your item inventory, then check it again, it’s important to ensure that every item on your list is accounted for, so that nothing is left behind.

However, before you dig into the unpacking process, remove the kettle and tea set, as this is going to be a long day!

Here’s the moving day checklist:

  • Inform your removal company of any important moving instructions
  • Check your inventory and journal to ensure everything is accounted for
  • Find a safe place for your important documents – don’t lose them!
  • Ensure all keys fit all doors around the property
  • Inspect the garden for any damages or potential pest infestations
  • Check for left items of previous owner(s)

Moving house – after you’ve moved in

You’re in! First things first things first, put the kettle on, you’ve earnt it. Everyone should now be able to breathe a sigh of relief, and the bulk of the items should be unpacked. This includes beds, white goods, furniture and some food.

Don’t try and unpack everything immediately, the important thing at the moment is ensuring you’re comfortable in your new surroundings and the beds are made! Invite some friends round, grab some food, relax before you start unpacking the rest of your belongings. The rest of the unpacking can be done at your own pace, there’s no rush!

Here’s the ‘after you move’ checklist:

  • Do a quick clean and tidy (rid spare boxes, dispose of bubble wrap, hoover etc)
  • Plug in white goods and any important electrical appliances (phones, TVs, chargers etc)
  • Learn how to use your boiler and heating!
  • If you have kids, settle them in a room with some games and activities
  • Relax! The hard part is over!

That concludes our moving house checklist! Simply Removals are always on-hand to deliver expert moving advice. If you’re looking for a trusted removals company that offers both competitive rates and bespoke packaging options, why not give our team a call today on 020 3613 0935 or use our contact page!

Download our checklist here:

The Ultimate Moving House Checklist 2018

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