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The Ultimate Office Move Checklist with Insider Advice

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Fully glass office buildingCommercial moves can be a daunting prospect. Whether your company has under 20 employees or whether your team is in the hundreds, spanning multiple floors in a commercial space our moving checklist will help your office relocation go smoothly.

Start Your Office Move Right Now

Here are some things you can start doing right now to begin your office move:

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Four Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Writing moving plans in a planning journalCreate a new floorplan for your office space.
  • Colour-code each department.
  • Allocate the colour-coded stickers to the floorplan to show each department.
  • Assign each employee a number and add that number to their desk and equipment.
  • Clearly define all communal spaces on your floor plan.
  • Ask your furniture suppliers if they have any suggestions for the new office layout and design so that you can make the most of your space.
  • Brief your IT department on the move and what you require of them.

Two Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Inform all your existing suppliers that you’re moving out. Keep reading to find our checklist on who you need to send your change of address to.
  • While your new office space is still empty, you should prioritise having all your new broadband and phone lines and phone numbers being put in.
  • Arrange of commercial storage facilities with Simply Removals so that if there is a delay between moving out and moving dates, you have somewhere to store office desks, files, and IT equipment for as long as you need.
  • Set-up a postal redirect to your new address so that you can time to change your address in the meantime. You can set up a postal redirect with Royal Mail here.

One Week Before Moving Day

  • Start packing or (if you’ve booked with us) have our professional packers pack everything for you the day before so that your employees can continue working for as long as possible.
  • Arrange commercial cleaning services at both your old and new premises
  • Ensure everyone takes home personal belongings like iPads or laptops prior to the move.
  • Arrange a staff meeting to discuss moving day and what’s expected
  • Assign a member of each team to oversee their department’s packing responsibilities
  • Provide directions, parking instructions, public transport links, and any other information employees need/want to know.

On moving day, our expert team at Simply Removals will be there to support you every step of the way. Whether it be packing, transporting items to storage, furniture disassembly, or transportation, we can cover every aspect of your commercial move.

Once At Your New Office

Employee sitting happily in his new officeOnce you’ve arrived at your new office, it’s likely you’ll be tired but unfortunately there’s still a lot to do. Don’t worry though, we’ve got a checklist sorted to help make things easier:

  • Print out colour-coded signs to make it easy to find each department
  • Label spaces with desk numbers
  • Ensure keys, access codes, and security information is available
  • Advise everyone on fire safety regulations

Who to Send Your Change of Office Address Notice to:

As you would if you were moving house, you must inform all your existing suppliers that you’re moving out – everything from your food deliveries to cleaners and maintenance engineers. However, it can be difficult remembering everyone. So, to make things a little easier, we’ve made a list of key people and companies you need to notify about your change of address.

  • All clients and partners
  • Any professional organisations you belong to
  • Stationery services
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Any food service companies you rely on
  • Bottled water company
  • Telephone company
  • Service companies for photocopiers and printers
  • Insurance company
  • Accounts departments
  • Your internet service provider
  • Any additional services your company makes use of.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time for Your Office Move

Laptop on desk. Minimalist office design.The first, and most important point to make is to give yourself plenty of time. Relocating your office into a completely new space is a big job, so it’s important you give yourself a realistic deadline to get everything done by, otherwise you could end up running yourself into the ground.

If you take time to plan your move properly, you should be prepared for most eventualities. This will help make sure your office move goes as smoothly as possible.

The Benefits of Moving into a New Office

There are many reasons why companies choose to relocate, and they are commonly a combination of the following:

  • A desire to enhance your corporate image
  • Your need to increase efficiency
  • Growth and expansion of staff levels
  • To be nearer to or further from your competition
  • Wanting to improve your bottom-line profits
  • A desire to retain key members of staff
  • More affordable rent
  • To be closer to local amenities and in a better location

Whatever your reasons for moving into a new office, there are a number of significant benefits that can come from it. All you have to do is ensure the move is successful.

Simply Removal’s Top 4 Office Moving Tips

Cluttered office spaceMoving into a new office facility holds numerous benefits, but if the moving team and process is not planned or properly executed, it can prove detrimental to your business. To help prevent any serious problems, our professional commercial movers have come together to provide you with some moving advise. Take some time to consider the following office moving tips for a stress free move.

Plan Ahead for Your Office Move

Moving is ranked as one of the most stressful life events. So, what’s the key to a successful move?


While the thought of moving an entire office to a new location may be entirely daunting, there are so many problems that can be avoided simply through proper planning. Our office move checklist is a really simple tool that should help make the planning process a little bit easier. Adopting a moving checklist can save you hours of preparation time and help make sure you don’t forget anything and can budget ahead of time.

Find the Right Office Space for Your Needs

This may seem like an obvious point, but you’d be surprised at just how many people fail to secure their new office space before planning their move. You must ensure that you find and secure the right building space that suit’s both your business as a whole, your financial requirements, and the needs of your employees. A few good factors to consider are:

  • Is the new office close to local transport links?
  • Where do your employees live retrospective to the new location?
  • Where is your customer base located?
  • Are you close to local amenities?
  • How much office space do you need?
  • Are there refreshment facilities and space for reception areas?
  • Can you afford the space?

Taking the time to consider the amount of space you need and the requirements of everyone using that space is extremely important. Planning ahead and taking everyone’s needs into consideration will help prevent feelings of upheaval and ensure everyone remains happy throughout the process.

Ensure All Computers, Telephones and Internet Connections are Working

Person working on a laptopIt is vital you ensure all computers, telephones and internet connections are working properly. The IT in your office is essential for the continued running of your business, so you must prioritise the relocation and set-up of these items before anything else.

Not planning ahead to get these things sorted in advance can cause a number of issues, including unhappy and unproductive employees. When you move into your new office space, you want everyone to commence their work as soon as possible.

Hire Professional Business Movers

Moving office facilities is daunting enough without having to do everything on your own. When it comes to commercial moves, it makes sense to hire professional business movers, such as the experts at Simply Removals, to assist you with this process.

Involve Your Employees in the Moving Process

Meeting with employeesOne of the best ways to keep your employees’ content during the moving process is by involving them in it. If possible, involving your employees during the moving process can make the process easier.

One of the easiest ways to involve your employees is to find out what they think. Help them voice their opinions through an online survey. Involving your employees in the office move will help everyone adapt more easily to the changes ahead.

At Simply Removals, we can help with every aspect of your commercial move, so you have one less thing to check off the list!

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