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Top 7 Time-saving Tech For Businesses

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With so many gadgets available in today’s consumer market, even to help with home removals, it is important to decipher which gadgets will ultimately aid consumers best. Instead of filling your home with gadgets that only have a fun, one-time use, consumers should be looking to invest in devices that will save them time, money and ultimately be efficient.

I myself am fascinated by anything that can aid me during my day-to-day working atmosphere and general chores. This guide is aimed at the people who are looking to maximize their working efficiency and generally help their day go a bit quicker! I’ll be addressing some common, well-known gadgets all the way through the weird and quirky.

1. Personal Digital Assistant

The PDA is a relatively well-known device that essentially helps users to manage various activities, contacts and other sometimes monotonous tasks. In short, it’s best described as a small computer-like gadget that has a screen where you can access organisational tools.

You can also manage calendar events, appointments, assignments and pretty much anything else that you want! The device is also app-friendly, meaning you can access the features via you iPad and mobile phone.

2. Charging Docks

So simple, yet so underappreciated.

Charging docks, or pads are designed to eliminate the use of cables. If you’re like me and hate working on desk covered in wires, this is the gadget for you.

There are many variations of the gadget, though how it works remains pretty much the same. You place the device you want to charge on mat, or dock (whatever you’re given) and the skin makes an electric connection and it begins to charge! These not only eradicate the use of wires, but also allow you to charge more than one device at a time. Some actually alert you when your device is fully charged.

3. Livescribe Pen

The perfect gadget for the notetaker.

The pen records and audio file of a lecture or conversation while it views the user’s notes with its infrared sensor. It then combines the notes and the audio file into one file for future use. The pen comes equipped with a dock that can be used to connect the pen with a PC if you’d like to upload notes using its built-in software.

The device also allows individuals to adjust the playback speed of the audio in the event that the speaker is talking to slow or fast. The pen also doubles as a microphone when in recording mode and has translation capabilities, so if a word is written in one language, the pen will simply translate it into the language the user has defaulted.

4. Portable Speakers

Another simple gadget. There are many to choose from on the market, though we’d strongly suggest investing in a Bluetooth speaker. Many run on their own independent battery and removes cumbersome wires.

5. Lytro Camera

This gadget’s use does depend on the users job, i.e: not everyone may require this.

For me however, and many others who are constantly on the move, this quirky camera is brilliant. Forget blurry phone pictures, this camera allows you to refocus the image after it’s been taken! If for example you’re surveying a property, taking a picture from a moving vehicle (stabilisation issues are common here) or simply don’t want to carry your clunky phone to every job, this is the gadget for you.

6. Phillips HUE

This is standard room lighting infused with cool, modern tech.

Imagine a room where you can control the light’s colour and brightness via your phone. This may sound like a cheap gimmick, though what this means is that you can control the amount of light in the room and create the perfect working environment.

Or, use it at home! Make your dinners more romantic with a touch of red for example. The lights are connected through wifi, so if you wanted, you could control the lights from miles away, providing your phone has access to the internet.

7.  Mobile Projector

Making presentations usually means booking the conference room that is always being used. It can become a genuine nightmare. Add that with the clunky design of projectors, countless wiring issues and finding somewhere big enough to show it, it just becomes messy.

The mobile projector does what it says on the tin.  Depending on your budget, you can replicate the conference room vibe through your projector, or make do with a basic projection using a cheaper, though still efficient model. Most models also come with USB compatibility; so pairing them to your chosen device is fairly simple.

Those were my 7 top time saving gadgets! Are there any you have used that I’d like to know about? Drop a comment below!

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  1. Nice work Dan. I use a mobile projector all the time to show slides on pests to customers. it’s amazing how focused they get when they see a nest of bed bugs beamed on to a big screen.

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