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Top Tips for First-Time Buyers Looking to Get on the Property Ladder

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Property ladder

Buy centrally or in a period conversion are the top tips for first-time buyers looking to get on the property ladder … read more

Can I Get My Share of the Money Back from My Ex If We Bought a House Together?

Couple holding a piggy bank

I paid a deposit of £100,000 for a house my ex-girlfriend and I bought together. Can I enforce my declaration of trust to get the money back? … read more

Eight Top Postcodes for First-Time Buyers in North London

Traffic speeding by in London

First-time buyers should follow the money and make the best investment they can … read more

The Home Jungle: How to Live Happily with the 5,000 Other Species in Your House


Biologist Rob Dunn is the David Attenborough of the domestic sphere, uncovering everything from microbes in the shower to spiders in the basement. He goes on safari in the satisfyingly dusty corners of one Copenhagen home. The good news is that I will never be home alone again. The bad news … read more