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What’s the Best Day of the Week for Moving House?

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Moving into a new property involves a lot of planning ahead. There are so many decisions to make such as what you going to keep, do you need a storage unit, have you redirected your mail? – and perhaps one of the biggest decisions is when you should move. Did you know, for example, that there is such a thing as the best day of the week for moving house?

As you would expect, there are a number of pros and cons to moving house on certain days of the week and there are certain things to take into consideration. As specialists in home removals, moving hundreds of customers every single week, we know it’s important to time your move right.

Moving House on a Monday

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Monday is probably the second most popular day of the week to move into a new property. The reason for this is that it gives you the whole weekend before to pack up your belongings and get everything before spending Monday doing the actual moving part.

However, it is worth noting that Monday is another very popular day to move house, so removal companies are often booked up on this day well in advance.

Home Removals Mid-Week

So, if Mondays and Fridays are both busy days of the week to move, what does it look like to move in the middle of the week? Well, mid-week moves are far less busy than at any other time, meaning that in the event of any issues, it is far easier to contact the right people. What’s more, if you have kids they will be in school during the day which is a bonus!

If you choose to move house mid-week, it would be a good idea to book a couple of days off work.  This will ensure you have the time to unpack your belongings. After all, your home move won’t end as soon as you open the door to your new home. Instead, you’ll be faced with the monster task of unpacking and sorting all your belongings. So, if you’re planning to move in the middle of the week, consider how much time you’ll need to sort everything out once you arrive.

Top tip: We would recommend to complete on a Thursday so that you only need to book one day out of your working week. This also gives you the weekend to finish sorting out.

Should You Move House on a Friday?

One of the most popular days for moving into a new house is Friday. We suspect the main reason for this is that it gives you the weekend to get sorted and finally rest up before returning to work on Monday. However, as a result, Fridays are one of the most highly in-demand moving days, so they don’t necessarily make the best moving days after all.

Fridays are the busiest day of the week for removal companies and they are usually the day that gets booked up many weeks in advance. So, you’re especially keen to move into your new home on a Friday, you will need to secure your moving date as soon as possible.

Moving on a Friday; Considerations

Simply Removals Boxing up house itemsFriday is not a great day for moving if things happen to go wrong. The main reason for this is, should you encounter moving problems on the day, such as issues with payments, the chain, or estate agents, there may be nobody to help.

It is also worth noting that it can be harder on Fridays to find available tradesmen, should you require help with the utilities in your new home.

Tips for Moving on a Friday

  • Book your removal company well in advance.
  • Complete all payments in the morning as banks close at 3pm
  • Factor in the likelihood of delays
  • If anything goes wrong, remember you’ll have to wait until Monday to contact your solicitor.

While moving on a Friday is clearly popular for convenience, if you can live with taking a few extra days off work, it might be best to opt for moving mid-week instead.

Moving House on the Weekend

Moving on a Saturday or Sunday is a good idea, right? Wrong. Everyone should avoid moving on the weekend because you’ll only be making more work for yourself. Weekends are the most popular time for moving because they give you two days you don’t need to take off work to sort everything.

However, a significant disadvantage of moving on the weekend is that utility providers and banks are usually closed. This could cause you some serious headaches as you attempt to get everything set up at your new home. It is also more expensive to hire tradesmen on the weekend than during the week. So, if there is anything that you know needs fixing, it might not be possible to get it sorted on the weekend.

Choose Your Removal Company Carefully

Choosing the right removal company can make or break your home move. A professional and quality home removals company should help take the stress out of moving. Employing movers who are experienced at completing a wide range of moves, fully-qualified, and reliable, such as Simply Removals, is extremely important.

Hiring Simply Removals to handle your home move. Our expert team are equipped to manage and handle any unexpected issues, should they arise. What’s more, as London’s premier removals company, Simply Removals are an established moving company carrying out home hundreds of home removals every week.

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