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Who to Notify When Moving House

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Here at Simply Removals, we know how stressful the process of home removals can be so we will be here every step of the way, helping you through this busy time. Simply Removals have a competent, knowledgeable team who are eager to give you all the advice you need.

As well as physically helping you move house, we like to offer our moving tips and advice here in our blog section so that you can feel fully prepared for the big day. Therefore, to make matters easier, we have compiled a list of people you should notify when moving house. We hope this list is helpful to you and that it provides coherent advice that is easy to read through and put into action. Now, let’s make a start on the busy task of notifying everyone.

Household Providers to Notify

There are many providers in your current household that you will need to notify about your move so that you can carry their services over into your new home. Making this a priority will also mean that you’re not paying unnecessary bills. It will also ensure that you can have a wifi-connection and TV licensing sorted as soon as possible so that you can relax easily at the end of your move. Here are the household providers you need to notify:

Post Office
Cable/satellite and internet providers
TV/video rental companies
TV licensing

Companies to Notify

Many times, people forget to notify companies about their new address. It is not until their mail isn’t being delivered that they realise there is a problem. We would recommend starting to notify these people as soon as your new address has been confirmed, that way all of your mail will be redirected and you shouldn’t have any documentation getting lost in the mail or sent to the wrong address. These are the companies it is important that you notify:

Building Societies
Credit card companies
Council tax department
National savings and premium bonds
Your employer
Insurance companies
Pension companies
Inland Revenue
Social Security


With every move, you must update your address with all health organisations that have a copy of your records. This is easily done, either by an online form or by walking into the surgery or organisation and filling out their forms at reception.


Vehicle Details

If you, or anyone in your household, owns a vehicle then you must notify DVLA and your insurance provider of your change of address as soon as possible. Your vehicle must be insured to the correct address as this may change the price of your insurance slightly and it will also be helpful for if and when your car breaks down. Otherwise, your car could be delivered to the wrong address and the new tenants may not take it very well.

Breakdown recovery company
Vehicle registration
Vehicle insurance

Others to Notify

This list is our suggestion of other people to notify and companies you may have overlooked or forgotten about. Of course, notifying your family and friends about your change of address is an obvious one. However, it is best to double check you have informed everyone who has or needs a copy of your address.

Friends and relatives
Milk Delivery
Sports Club


Here at Simply Removals, we have been helping our customers move home for years and we have moved often ourselves also, so we know how stressful it can be. Often, it feels like there are a million and one things to think about when you’re moving home. Letting people know that you are moving is a very time-consuming process but it is vital. We really hope that our checklist has been helpful and informative. Let us know if there is anyone we have missed as it will help us and others out.

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