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At Simply Removals, we are one of the most popular removal companies in the Clacton area.

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As one of the UK’s most trusted removal companies, we continue to do our utmost to deliver fantastic service to all customers that call, email or walk through our doors. We offer both professional and affordable services to the people of Clacton and we’re constantly trying to improve our relationships with our customers daily.

We are passionate regarding our service to our customers and we’re always on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have.

Our Moving Company in Clacton

Here at Simply Removals, we understand that every move is different and that every customer will desire certain moving arrangements. This is why we like to get to know our customers beforehand, asking them what they expect from their move with us and any specific moving arrangements they’d like to discuss.

With our fleet of vehicles and over 100 fully trained and certified staff, it’s no wonder why our phones won’t stop ringing! We even run our own removals training academy in London to ensure that every delivery person is trained for the job and are able to carry-out even the most stressful tasks.

We also offer a unique packaging service, wherein your most valued or fragile possessions are double-wrapped nice and neat in our vans in order to add some extra protection in case of the rare speed-bump! Of course, this is not compulsory, more of a precaution for your valued possessions.

A Recent Move in Clacton

Our most recent move in Clacton involved helping a family move from Romford to Clacton.

They informed us that they had been let down by their previous removal company, so they asked their friends what company they would recommend. Fortunately, that was us!

In this particular instance, the family was looking to move into a bigger property in Clacton, as they were expecting another child. They had requested they use our bespoke packaging service in order to transport their more prized possessions, one of which was a small piano. We were able to abide by this and the move quickly got underway.

The drive from Romford to Clacton took around two hours (due to traffic) and the moving process took about 3 hours! The family were able to sit by and watch as our team neatly unpacked and arranged the furniture for them. The whole process took approximately 5 hours and everything was moved in and looking great!

Once we had finished our service, the family thanked us and said they’d recommend us to their friends and other member of their family.

The move was completed by the end of the day and the couple were grateful we had been there to assist them. We hope they enjoy their new home and wish them every success!

Call Us Today 

If you live in Clacton and you are looking to move to a new house or office, Simply Removals are the company for you. We pride ourselves on being one of the most efficient removal companies in the UK. Additionally, have an unrivalled reputation in the area and can offer you everything required to complete your move successfully. Let us assist you, call today!

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