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10 Downing StreetHere at Simply Removals, we are one of the leading removals companies in Southend and have a large customer base in this area. If you want a stress-free move, give us a call, we are the removals company for you and can offer your services that are top-of-the-range. We have over 100 members of dedicated and fully-trained staff who are fully-equipped with the knowledge to complete your move as effectively as possible.

As a company, here at Simply Removals, we always ensure that every member of our team is fully trained at our very own removals training academy so they are fully equipped to handle each move with professionalism and expertise. We always put our customers first and believe that it is our hard work and dedication that has kept our customers returning year after year. Our prices are some of the most competitive in the country and we are constantly striving to remain one of the cheapest removal companies in Southend.

A Recent Removal in Southend

Recently, we had the pleasure of moving a family in Southend.

In this scenario, we were called early on a Saturday morning by a fairly distressed client who claimed that his previous removals company had let him down at the last minute, and all of his belongings were waiting to be picked up inside his garage!

It was raining quite heavily at the time, and he seemed adamant that the move had to go through today, and preferably before noon, as he had an important meeting in London to attend at 2pm.

So, he called us, explained the situation and we were able to speedily drive to Southend and help him out.

During the move, we got chatting, and he informed us that he’d just sold over made over £2 million worth of shares in his company! So, he was very happy, though still very stressed about the meeting he had to attend, so it was in our best interest to help him out in any way we could.

Luckily, he was only moving to Camden, which wasn’t too far away, and due to how early we arrived, we missed the bulk of the traffic. The gentlemen in question was incredibly happy with our service, and stated that he’d be sure to recommend us to a few more of his friends.

It’s always a joy working within Southend, not only because of the luxurious countryside, but because of the people and the friendly community. We were happy to serve this particular client, even at such short notice.

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Here at Simply Removals, we are passionate about serving all of  customers and especially those in Southend. We  offer a removals service that is cheap, effective and stress-free for our customers. Over the years, we have moved people from all kinds of homes and businesses and we believe there is no move we are not equipped to handle. So, if you live in Southend and you are looking for a removals company, call us today to discuss your requirements.

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