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Here at Simply Removals, we are one of the leading removals companies in Folkestone and our customer base has recently been growing in this area. If you’ve been let down before by a removals company, we can guarantee that our service will make amends for your past grievances Our team is made-up of over 100 staff members and with a fleet of vehicles, there’s always someone to help you with your dream move.

We do our utmost to ensure every customer gets the dedicated service they deserve. Our team are fully trained to tackle any move, no matter how big or small, or how difficult! We believe that putting the needs and requirements of our customers first is the more important basis for any business, and our hard work reflects that. While our prices may not be as cheap as what you may find elswhere, we can assure you that we justify our price with our levels of service.

A Recent Removal in Folkestone

Folkestone is somewhere we haven’t visited too much, though, we’re always searching for new and exciting places to get lost it! (Joking).

We were called up on a Thursday night by a fairly distressed customer. She claimed that she had mixed up her pick-up dates with her initial removals company and now needed to move earlier than expected. Due to her previous removals service refusing to aid her, she called us in the hope that we could help out. Obviously, we obliged.

We were asked to arrive midday on Saturday and move-out two truckloads of furniture and musical equipment. This particular customer had her own custom studio built into her new property in Folkestone, so we ensured to handle her prized musical possessions with the utmost care using our complete packing service. The trip on this occasion took slightly longer than anticipated, mainly due to traffic, though we were able to make good time considering the minor delays.

Once we had unpacked everything (and tried to set-up her studio) she realised that she had left the keys to her old house in the conservatory! So, we personally drove back to pick them up and give them to her, along with a few other bits and bobs she’d left behind.

After we’d run the last errand, she thanked us profusely for our service and stressed that she’d recommend us to her other friends and work colleagues! This was a fantastic move to be involved in, and we were thoroughly grateful to have met this customer, we wish her the best in her musical career!

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Here at Simply Removals, we are passionate about serving our customers in Folkestone and offering a removals service that is cheap, effective and stress-free for our customers. Over the years, we have moved people from all kinds of homes and businesses and we believe there is no move we are not equipped to handle. So, if you live in Folkestone and you are looking for a removals company, call us today to discuss your requirements.

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