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Simply Removals are a leading removals company who operate in and around Middlesex. We have extensive experience in relocating homes and offer a complete range of removal services. Whether you require a simple removal service or a full packing removal and un-packing service, Simply removals have the solution for you. We are the the number one Middlesex Removals company.

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Why not talk to us about our packing services? We also offer a full packing and storage package and our highly trained staff show special care when handling and transporting the belongings of our customers. Our removal boxes and packaging materials are durable, cost-effective and reliable.

Whether you require a basic removals packing solution or a complete home moving packing service, we offer a variety of appropriate options.

We are also making moves in the commercial removals market. These moves are completely different than domestic removals for obvious reasons, but we move many businesses in Middlesex, which means you may see of vans more often?

What We Offer to Customers in Middlesex

Middlesex is an amazing county and we’re delighted to be moving customers in and out of properties the length and breadth the county. It has a rich history and is steeped in tradition, especially as a part of London. Middlesex is now in fact integrated into Greater London

We cover the whole of Middlesex, and have moved many homes in Twickenham, Epsom, Kingston, Southall and West Drayton to name a few… and we are happy to provide you with a testimonial if needed.

A Recent Removal in Middlesex

Recently, we had the pleasure of moving an elderly lady from her small bungalow into an assisted residence in Middlesex. She was understandably nervous when she phoned us, asking about our services, as she was shaken at the thought of having to move from her life-long home into assisted living. But she had no need to worry as our staff here at Simply Removals have moved all kinds of customers out of and into all sorts of properties.

We offered our packing and storage services to her in addition to our removals services and she was delighted. When we arrived, she pointed out the items of furniture she was keen to store. Sadly, these beautiful items would not fit in her new property but they had great sentimental value and she did not want to get rid of them. So, our offer of storing the items for her was a great relief.

One of our team members encouraged her to sit and rest with a nice cup of tea while we started packing her items into boxes. We were careful with each item, being sure to thoroughly wrap anything breakable ensuring its safety in transit.

While packing and disassembling furniture, we regularly chatted to the elderly lady and assured her everything was going smoothly, offering her all the comfort and support we could while completing the job. By the end of the morning we had everything packed into boxes and loaded onto the van.

When moving elderly customers, our team are always alerted to the fact that, occasionally, moves can take slightly longer. We have no problem with this and will always work to the pace of our customers, ensuring we offer them the best customer service possible.

When we were ready to hit the road, we offered to drive the lady to her new property and she was definitely relieved that she didn’t need to worry about booking a taxi. So, we ensured her property was all locked up and the keys were returned before helping her into the van and driving to her new property.

We had a lovely drive and enjoyed chatting together the whole way – discussing her mixed feelings about moving home. We also had plenty of stories to share of people we had moved and their experience of leaving properties they had spent their lives in. This seemed to comfort her a lot and she said she was certainly glad of the company on such an important day.

When we arrived at her new property, all of her children and grandchildren were there to greet her. I was certainly a lovely sight indeed!

While the family talked, laughed and spent time together, we unloaded the van and set up the furniture in the lady’s new home. Soon enough, the job was done, we alerted the family and they shared their thanks and explained they would be staying to help unpack the boxes and make the place homely.

The elderly lady gave us all big hugs each and thanked us for being so patient and understanding throughout the day. We hope she will be very happy in her new home! She certainly has a lot of family and support around her.

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